Monday, January 30, 2012

Taking the good with the bad

Hello everyone. I get to post about our last couple of days.

Well, the entire reason we came on this scouting trip was to determine if we had made the right decisions when planning the Maymester course....BEFORE we are all together. We have made some great improvements to the May trip plan, and have decided against some other things. Today we met with the President and Dean at Sacred Heart Junior College and it appears we will be collaborating with their students and science faulty on a series of community and environmental-based GIS projects with them.

On our way from Dangriga to San Ignacio, we stopped to check out one of our potential spots...
St. Herman's Cave. To the right is a picture of a Mayan artifact found inside the cave. This was Tim's first muddy caving adventure, and he cried like a little girl. It rains a lot down here, something to plan for. You don't get muddy in the social science community GIS projects....only in physical geology projects. Geographers don't always understand geologists. Here is a great picture of a man way out of his element! (believe me, I was out of mine in the communities!)

After cleaning up, we headed into San Ignacio. The next day, we went to Xunantunich, which is on the border of Guatemala, with our friend, Albert, and guide Junior (who was a part of the early exploration which then lead to more excavation of the site when UCLA came down, back in the 1980's). Combined with Tikal and Caracol, both in Guatemala, this was one of the three Mayan centers of the time, dating back to around 400BC. Below are a few shots from there.

There are so many surprises being left out of these postings, but they will certainly be worth the wait. Already looking forward to returning in May! So much to see and do, and many great people to work with. This course will be a great experience.

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